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Maker Austrian Post
Quantity 150,000
Funded No
Denomination 1 Stamp Token

Austrian Post released the first cryptocurreny postage stamp. The stamps each contain a colored stamp token on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 5 colors available.

Stamps go digital - With the innovative crypto stamp, Austrian Post is for the first time offering a stamp which also exists as a digital asset (crypto collectible) in the Ethereum blockchain, and is thus breaking completely new ground. The blockchain is a special form of decentralised data storage. For this, data are not stored in a single computer centre but are distributed across many independent computers. A sophisticated mechanism ensures that completed transactions cannot be subsequently manipulated. Using the QR code printed on the stamp, the owner can look at the digital version of his/her crypto stamp in the Ethereum blockchain and then transfer it to other users.

The Crypto stamp can be used as a stamp not only for the carriage of a postal item, it is also a virtual collector's item. The digital counterpart is stored in the blockchain, a special kind of decentralized data storage. There it lies in a digital "purse", a so-called wallet, which is exclusively owned by the owner.

The brand block is in the form of a bank card. The right side of the block contains all credentials hidden under scratch layers. The holder of the Wallet-related access code as well as another attached code, the "Secret Word List", thus has the digital Crypto stamp. If the digital version of the stamp is sold or transferred from one wallet to another, the transaction is fully documented in the blockchain.
The left-hand area is the actual postage stamp that can be sent regularly - this is done by breaking the block apart at the predetermined breaking point. The unicorn pictured on the crypto stamp is the heraldic animal of the Ethereum community.
The graphic design of the special stamp comes from Julia Obermüller.

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