Austrian Post - Crypto Stamp 2.0

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Maker Austrian Post
Quantity 240,000
Funded No
Denomination 1 Stamp Token

Austrian Post released the first cryptocurreny postage stamp. The stamps each contain a colored stamp token on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 5 colors available.

With the Crypto stamp 2.0, the Austrian Post has launched the stamp that can also be saved as a digital image within the Ethereum Blockchain. This guarantees the complete trackability of every former owner of the stamp and its digital image. What is more, the use of Blockchain technology naturally means that you can continue to trade the Crypto stamps. Crypto stamp 1.0 was issued in June 2019 with its unicorn motif. Crypto stamp 2.0 is available from 25.6.2020 with its honey badger, llama, panda and doge motifs. The physical stamps bearing each of these motifs look the same, while the digital images have different colours with different degrees of scarcity from black (the most common) via green, blue and yellow, through to red (the rarest type).

Every physical stamp bears a QR code that takes you to the website of the corresponding digital image. On the side of the actual stamp (on Crypto stamp 1.0) or on the back (for Crypto stamp 2.0), there is an identification code (marked “[1]”) that can also be used to find the digital image – a hidden area contains a 12-word mnemonic that unlocks access to the digital stamp and allows it to be transferred to another owner. This mnemonic is also printed as a QR code to make it even easier to enter a computer. In terms of technology, the digital Crypto stamps are Ethereum tokens corresponding to the standard ERC721 and supported by multiple Blockchain applications.

The overwhelming success of the first Crypto stamp issue (that quickly sold out completely) led to the decision to bring out another issue in 2020. This retains the technological aspects with minimal tweaks. However, this time there is not just a single motif (the unicorn), instead there is a choice of four different images. All of the animals were chosen with reference to the Blockchain community. Scanning the QR code on the left of the stamp gives you access to the preconfigured Wallet. That’s where you can find the digital twin, i.e. the image of the Crypto stamp that also exists in the analogue world. This image comes in different colours. The five different colours vary in their degree of scarcity. 60,000 stamps have been issued with each of the four animals = 240,000 stamps for the total unit run.

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