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Maker Cryptoart (Alix Branwyn)
Material Hahnemühle museum quality paper with archival inks
Size (Quantity) 8.5″ x 11″ (100)

18″ x 24″ (21)

24″ x 30″ (10)

Weight N/a
Funded N/a
Denomination N/a

The 1 Million Bitcoin Club– this is the upgraded version of the 21 million Bitcoin Club.  By design, there will never be more than 21 million bitcoins. If you hold the private keys to 21 BTC, you are in the 1 Million Club. There will never be more than 1 million of these hardened hodlers.

The basic purpose of money is to serve as a measuring tool (unit of account) that can be exchanged to keep track of stored value.   It seems strange to inflate its supply to disincentivize saving and even stranger for the supply to be set by the whims of a few individuals. Yet, modern fiat currencies are issued in this manner.  They push an agenda that conflates real consumer wants with macro economic needs.  In this context, Bitcoin’s hard cap challenges the notion that a currency can’t be deflationary and that issuance requires policy set by monetary authorities.

Two things are certain: if you hold wealth in fiat, you will grow poorer over time.  If you hodl wealth in cryptocurrencies, you have opted into financial self-sovereignty.

As a reminder, Cryptoart allows you to store your own private keys inside the artwork.  We strongly suggest you do this for any non-trivial amount.

  • Artist: Alix Branwyn
  • Title: 1 Million Bitcoin Club
  • Currency: Bitcoin
  • Edition count: 131 (100 small, 21 medium, 10 large).
  • Limited edition giclée.  Once sold out, not more will be printed.
  • Published on Hahnemühle museum quality paper with archival inks
  • Certificate of Authenticity included