Kialara - Guardians

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Maker Kialara
Material Stainless Steel, Glass
Quantity Unknown
Denomination N/a
Funded No

Every Guardian is utterly distinctive; an unparalleled individual.

2.5mm natural earth-mined gemstones hand-set locally.

AAA-grade Emeralds, Diamonds (F/VS1), Sapphires & Aquamarines of the highest quality, meticulously chosen by a certified local GIA gemologist.

Custom engineered double-hinged cases enveloped in authentic leather.

Precision-machined SUS304 stainless steel with new, custom finish engineered to minimize scratches and smudges.

Artwork sublimated/infused into specialty coated aluminum.

Custom holograms for each of the four elements.

Permanent markers, water-soluble templates and Seed Phrase kit included.

Customizable Denomination.

Kialara Guardians introduces a fresh perspective on the concept of self-custody. The innovative design offers individuals the chance to encapsulate their personal public and private key pair or seed phrase within a captivating 2.5″ diameter artwork. This is made possible by an exclusive braille-inspired code system crafted specifically for this purpose.

In this scenario, users are empowered to seize control of their private keys, emphasizing the vital responsibility that accompanies our progressive shift into the blockchain era. By eliminating the requirement for a printer, the system ensures all the security that can only be provided by a fully manual process once keys or seeds have been generated. This immersive hands-on approach fosters a profound connection between users and their individual hard-wallets, establishing a tangible bond of trust and ownership.

The artworks showcased in this edition are brought to life through the assistance of AI, resulting in the creation of distinct characters symbolizing the four elemental forces that sustain all life forms: water, fire, air, and earth. The overarching theme of this edition has given birth to avatars ranging from endearing to eccentric and surreal, seamlessly capturing the spirit of modern AI pop culture.

The Guardians find their home within a specially crafted double-hinged box, delicately wrapped in genuine leather. The inclusion of this nostalgic material serves as a bridge between the ever-evolving realm of futuristic technology and the tangible aspects of life that are steadfast, trustworthy, and palpable.

Continuing the cherished gemstone tradition of Kialara, the Guardians enchant with their aquamarine, sapphire, diamond, and emerald variations. Every artwork boasts absolute uniqueness and is accompanied by a personalized hologram representing its respective element. Although users have the freedom to select their desired element, the specific character they receive remains a delightful surprise. In a sense, the whimsical and lighthearted nature of these AI-driven characters brings a touch of relief amidst the current tensions surrounding the pervasive presence of AI in every facet of human intellectual and creative pursuits, even extending to the audacious promises of immortality itself.

Available Variations:

  • Water – w/ aquamarine
  • Fire – w/ sapphire
  • Air – w/ diamond
  • Earth – w/ emerald