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[[File:Lealana Monero Set 5.jpg|thumb|526x526px]]
|+[[File:Lealana 100 Monero Silver Gold Front.jpg|center|thumb]]
[[Lealana]]'s first Monero coins were sold as a 3-Coin set.
* [[Lealana 100 Monero One Ounce Silver w Gold]]
* [[Lealana 50 Monero One Ounce Silver w Gold]]
* [[Lealana 25 Monero One Ounce Silver]]
|Silver w/ Gold Plating
|100 Monero
The Lealana 100 Monero was released June 05, 2016, on [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1499278.0 BitcoinTalk]. This was the first funded monero coin. It was only avaliable to purchase as the [[Lealana Monero Silver 3-Coin Set]].

== Images ==
File:Lealana Monero 3 coin Set .jpg
File:Lealana Monero Set.jpg
File:Lealana Monero Set2.jpg
File:Lealana Monero Set 4.jpg
File:Lealana Monero Set 6.jpg
File:Lealana Monero Set 7.jpg
File:Lealana Monero Set 9.jpg

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