Polymerbit - 10 Viacoin NFC Loaded

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Polymerbit 10 Via NFC Loaded front.jpg

Maker Polymerbit
Material Polymer
Quantity 25
Weight N/a
Funded Yes
Denomination 10 VIA

These were made for the Crypto010 event. They are the first pre-assembled and loaded Polymerbit notes.

There are 2 NFC tags on this note. On the front is an NFC tag, loaded with the private key, which can be used to redeem the note. The NFC tag is covered by a special layer of foil and a tamper-proof hologram so it can't be scanned unless you peel the hologram. The NFC tag on the bag holds the public key, which is also printed on the back of the note. Keep in mind that you need an Android device (or an NFC scanner) to redeem the private key.

Serial Numbers are AA0000001 to AA0000025.