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Maker Spesmonerujo
Material Hahnemühle museum quality paper with archival inks
Size (Quantity)
Weight N/a
Funded N/a
Denomination N/a

The Boron Butterfly Spesmonerujo notes were the first special edition Monero/Esperanto themed notes the Polymerbit team and phishead have been working on.

As you will be able to see on the front/left side of the notes that I have included a column that has included a large majority of all the devs who have worked on Monero now (on the past Boron Butterfly release) and in the past. I tried to include everyone, but if I have left anyone out I truly apologize. A cross asterisk highlights both David Latapie and Warptangent who were developers in the past who have passed away. The next series of notes from here on out will only include those who are currently still active and contributed in some way to the next series (Carbon Cxxx).

The list of devs are as follows: David Latapie* Shen Noether tacotime warptangent* SCheroykh Pol Mauri Lee Clagett Tom Smeding fluffypony cslashm xiphon moneromooo Jethro Grassie Dusan Klinec stoffu Surae Noether Sarang Noether Stoffu Noether Mitchellpkt dEBRUYNE SamsungGalaxyPlayer ArticMine othe smooth luigi1111 NoodleDoodle anonimal Jaqueeee hyc rbrunner7 erciccione xmr-eric guzzijones MoroccanMalinois cmars jwinterm taushet danrmiller mWo12 binaryFate bigreddmachine iDunk5400 tewinget mgb033 radfish gingeropolous rehrar jonathancross NanoAkron mathstuf kenshi84 IPGlider dave-andersen vdo MaxXor jklepatch ranok Neozaru Jethro Grassie erikd jakoblind oyvkva xmrdsc

There are a couple other easter eggs throughout the designs of the notes.