1Dqt..XZaP Goldencoaster

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Maker 1Dqt8AsKaRdaWNqruPmUkqseqLm9YXZaP
Material Acrylics and Golden leafs on Canvas
Quantity 1
Size 45x35cm/17,7”x13,8”
Funded N/a

Goldencoaster, 2018, Acrylics and Golden leafs on Canvas, 45x35cm/17,7”x13,8”

1Dqt8AsKaRdaWNqruPmUkqseqLm9YXZaP is a MFA painter and a fellow hodler. The painting Goldencoaster is the author’s first crypto art product. Goldencoaster is also the first painting sold by the SHA256art gallery. Using the crypto terminology the painting represents the genesis block of all the art that will follow from the 1Dqt8AsKaRdaWNqruPmUkqseqLm9YXZaP artist and the SHA256art gallery. The starting price for this fantastic representation of the roller coaster guy was 0.1 BTC. Last but not least, kudos to Brainless Tales who is the author of the original Bitcoin Roller Coaster!