Anarcoins - Goxxed For The Last Time! (A commiserative coin) (Silver Plated)

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Anarcoins Goxxed for the last time Silver plated.jpg

Maker Anarcoins
Material Copper/zinc alloy, silver plated
Quantity 500
Size 40mm
Weight 33.26 Grams, 1.17 Ounces, 1.068 Troy Ounces
Funded N/a
Denomination N/a

This was the first coin released by Anarcoins. It commiserates the fall of the exchange Mt.Gox. It was created as "a light hearted lampoon of the entire mess." These coins are hand painted.

They were announced in this Bitcointalk thread.

Not all coins were sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate of authenticity shows the official number of the coinand is signed by the creator. The coin is also packed in an airtight capsule.

Some information from the creator

With the great uncertainty upon us concerning Mt.Gox, I was inspired to design and mint a commemorative coin of an event that which will no doubt go down as part of Bitcoins rich and exciting history.

The coin's face primarily represents the uncertainty surrounding Mt.Gox, with the now common slang term for Mt.Gox's questionable actions. After much consideration the obverse will be blank- which I think is appropriate since for many hours Mt.Gox's website was nothing but a white screen. I will not go as far as to compare it to their balance sheet, as nobody truly knows the state of play at Mt.Gox right now.

Perhaps Mt.Gox's failure will go down as nothing but a blip. Perhaps it will be a point of contention for years to come. One thing is for sure though, whether it is an important event for us to look back on or not, it is surely an important event right now for many of us.
Good or bad, as a community we should learn a lot from what has happened. While I have my own views and concerns of Mt.Gox's failure I do feel it is important to remember our mistakes with our successes.

Will this usher in an influx of regulation? Is this a victory for the free-market or a catastrophic result of hubris or government intervention?

My idea is perhaps making these coins a present idea for someone new to Crypto, a memento for those that saw this coming. A humble reminder for those that perhaps knew the risks and decided it a risk worth taking.

These coins are NOT meant to poke fun at those unfortunate customers of Mt.Gox that have funds residing somewhere out there on Mt.Gox's systems.

They will be limited to a single mint run with no more than 500 coins being struck in the plated version and 500 of the silver version, each will contain a mint number card and the option for coin capsules will be added.