BTCC Mint - Bitcoin Chip 1K Bits

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BTCC Mint 1k Bits Chip front.jpg
Maker BTCC Mint
Material Premium Clay Composite
Quantity 5,500
Diameter 39mm
Thickness 3.3mm
Weight 13g
Funded Yes

Bitcoin Chips are BTCC Mint’s fifth series of bitcoin collectibles.

Bitcoin Chips are premium, durable bitcoin poker chips, which are 39 millimeters wide and weigh 13 grams each. The weight and careful crafting of the chips gives them a solid grip and sure feel in the hand.

They were sold in sets of 5 in individual acrylic cases and rolls of 20.

Each 1K-bit chip has a serial number that begins with F, in this format (X is a digit): FXXXXX.

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