Ballet - REAL Bitcoin - 24K Gold-Plated

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Maker Ballet
Material 304 stainless steel, 24K gold-plated
Quantity Unlimited
Size 86mm x 54mm x 1.2mm
Weight 35g
Denomination None
Funded Optional

Physical Representation of Cryptocurrency

The Ballet 24K Gold-Plated REAL Bitcoin wallet is a premium edition of Ballet’s flagship REAL Series physical cryptocurrency wallet. Functionally equivalent to the standard stainless steel wallet, the exquisite gold-plated edition symbolizes Bitcoin’s status as digital gold. It comes in newly-designed packaging and includes an elegant acrylic display case for collectors to proudly showcase this exceptional work of art. This REAL Series is not only the world’s easiest cryptocurrency wallet, but also the most beautiful.

REAL Series wallets are designed to be a physical representation of your cryptocurrency. Simply store the crypto on the wallet, and you now have an easy way to hold your crypto. Move it as you wish, give it away to anyone you like, and encourage more people to try cryptocurrency.