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Cryptoart Darkcoin-i.jpg

Maker Cryptoart (Nina Y)
Material Hahnemühle museum quality paper with archival inks
Size (Quantity) 8.5″ x 11″ (30)

18″ x 24″ (8)

24″ x 30″ (5)

Weight N/a
Funded Yes
Denomination 0.1 DASH

Cryptoart is a hand-assembled art print that safely stores digital currency offline.

It comes pre-loaded with a novel amount of currency.

Darkcoin has now been rebranded as Dash. This took place after this edition was created, but before we released it to the public. Update: This edition is sold out except for the one remaining 18″ x 24″ (edition #1/8).

Artist: Nina Y. (Deviantart)

Currency: Darkcoin (DASH)

Pre-loaded amount: 0.1 DRK (1/10 of a dashcoin).

Limited edition giclée

Published on Hahnemühle museum quality paper with archival inks

Certificate of authenticity included