Cryptolator Unchained Copper 0.1 BTC

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Maker Cryptolator
Material Copper
Quantity 500
Diameter 39mm
Weight Unknown
Denomination 0.1 Bitcoin
Funded Optional
DIY Optional

The second release of Cryptolator Unchained series, in Copper. This series comes in an air-tight capsule with the possibility to add a leatherette box and a certificate of authenticity.

500 Fine Copper .999 coins has been minted for this series. This series' denomination is 0.1 Bitcoin. The size of the coin is 39mm. Each Fine Copper coin will have a gold hologram stating "original" if purchase with single-signature or multi-signature feature or three unapplied silver hologram stating "personal" if you chose to go the DIY way.

All coins have their own serial number, which is engraved on the coin itself. Numbers start at 001 and end at 500.

Coins were delivered empty. They could have been be either funded by cryptolator or by the customer itself.

Each coin is a piece of art in itself, created by talented artists and imagined by Cryptolator.