Denarium - 1/2 BTC Gold 2017

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Denarium - 1 2 BTC Gold front.jpg

Maker Denarium
Material .999 Fine Gold
Quantity 49 (Batch #1)
Diameter 29 mm / 1.142 inches
Weight 1/2 Troy ounce (15,55 g / 0.549 ounces)
Funded Optional
Denomination 1/2 BTC

The idea behind the coin is to expand the Denarium Premium coin selection with different denominations. Also, we believe bitcoin is digital gold and this coin is a great way to combine both traditional gold and digital gold.

Each coin comes with a wallet card.

Denarium precious metal products are third-party tested by Labtium, and they have assay-marks on all products. Assay marks in the product certify the metal is real gold or silver. They are an official method in this sector. Labtium has certified Denarium metals to be .999 pure and our gold bars will be 0.9999 pure.