Denarium - 1 BTC Bi-Metallic (Prototype)

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Denarium - 1 BTC Bi-Metallic (Prototype) front.jpg

Maker Denarium
Material Patinated Bronze and steel
Quantity 1
Diameter 50 mm (approximately)
Weight 1/2 Troy ounce (15,55 g / 0.549 ounces)
Funded Optional
Denomination 1 BTC

This prototype Denarium coin features our new security factor which makes counterfeiting the coin extremely difficult and thus makes the product more suitable for the aftermarket.

There is a glass between the ring and the coin, so it is not possible to access the hologram without disassembling the product eg. break the glass.

The coin in this auction is a prototype of a Bi-metallic coin, and it is a one of a kind unique coin. There is no other coin like this and will never be.

The coin in this auction is pre-assembled, and the serial number of the coin is E13226.