Denarium - Custom (Gold Plated) 2018

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Denarium - Custom Gold Plated 2018 front.jpg

Maker Denarium
Material Gold Plated (1-3 µm) Copper
Quantity 3000
Diameter 30 mm / 1.181 inches
Weight 12.9 g / 0.455 ounces
Funded Optional (Custom 0 to 2 bitcoins)
Denomination None

Custom Value Denarium is a coin with no denomination. It can be loaded with custom bitcoin value of 0 to 2 bitcoins. This coin is a great gift item for friends, family or company employees. Our coins are designed in such a way that redeeming the bitcoin value inside is easier than ever. The private key inside the coin is printed not only as plain text but also as a QR code, which makes importing it easy. We have explained how Denarium coins work in more detail over here. We also have a Knowledge Base.

Package of the coin[edit | edit source]

High-tech CertiLine BarCard® package protects the coin from tampering activities, making apparent any forgery and counterfeiting attempts. When the BarCard® is opened an unpredictable pattern will be displayed on the internal surface of both card halves. Undetected reuse or reassembly of the package will not be possible.

Images[edit | edit source]