Encyclopedia of Physical Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies

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Maker Elias Ahonen
Material Paperback and Hard copy
Quantity Unknown
Weight Unknown
Funded No
Denomination N/a

This was the first physical book cataloging bitcoin and other cryptocurrency collectibles. It has been released in several different versions.

  • Paperback (Special Edition First Print)
  • Paperback (Original)
  • Paperback (Collector's Signature edition)
  • Hardcover (Revised edition)
  • Hardcover (Premium Revised Edition)
  • Hardcover (Autograph Edition)

The book was announced and updates posted in this bitcointalk thread.

It is available to buy from coinfirm.org and amazon.com.

The 'Special Edition First Print' was limited to 100 copies. Each on is Serialized "Special Edition First Print: XXX/100"

The 'Collector's Signature Edition' books are part of the 100 Special Edition First Print's, and will be limited to 25 copies. They are: - Serialized "Collector's Signature Edition: XX/25" - Serialized "Special Edition First Print: XXX/100" - Signed by Elias Ahonen, Author - Signed by Matthew Rippon, Co-Author - Signed by Howard Kesselman, Editor - Signed by Mike Caldwell, creator of Casascius Physical Bitcoin - Include a hologram with a private key inside, allowing the books to function as paper wallets. They will be affixed by Howard Kesselman



The original paperback release contained several errors, mostly small spelling mistakes. The one major error was in the CryptoVest section, where it was wrongly associated with a UK investment fund with the same name. These errors were fixed in the revised edition.

The first ~50 of the revised hardcover edition did contain a new error. A glitch in the publishing software caused two of Elias' personal vacation photo's to be used in place of the Cryptolator Unchained Silver 1 BTC. The images can be seen on page 38 and 150.

A second revised edition of the book was released which contained an extra page which described some of these errors.

Error Images