Friends of Satoshi ZimNote

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Friends of Satoshi Zimnote Sport front scanned.jpg

Maker Friends of Satoshi
Quantity 10
Size Unknown
Weight Unknown
Funded Yes (0.002009)

An artifact of the fiat banking system in the era of Bitcoin.

A backpack full of 100 billion dollar bills? A dream for each of us - you might think ... Just some years ago, this was the reality for young and old, for poor and rich in Zimbabwe. But instead of finding themselves in a paradise à la "Wealth for All", the Zimbabweans felt the hellish reality of an outdated currency system. The Zimbabwean dollar had a brutal hyperinflation and made the massive money in the pockets of the people nearly worthless. But the sufferers were the normal people of Zimbabwe, who had to drag their buckets full of savings to the marketplace. Such scenarios can still be a reality anywhere in the world. On the occasion of this 9th anniversary of Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation, the crypto-artist collective Friends of Satoshi commemorates this sad day of the legacy fiat system and, at the same time, celebrates its revolution.

About the Work

At the heart of this project is a collaboration between 5 well-known Crypto Artists from around the world, including: Zoran Kutuzović a.k.a. Start the Art (Croatia) Satoshi Gallery (U.K) Crypto Imperator (Spain) Cryptoheadd (Formerly Qrypto) (India) The Bitcoin Penny Co. (USA)

The product of this collaboration is a reflection on the Bitcoin scaling debate that in many ways has divided the community. Governance continues to be a challenge that all decentralized OSS projects face. As a symbol of one of Bitcoin’s greatest strengths: diversity of opinion, each unique contribution combines to form a single, unified work of art.

  • The series consists of 10 notes that have been hand-painted or drawn.
  • Only 4 notes will be publicly released.
  • Each note contains 2009 Bits (0.002009 BTC), representing the year of Zimbabwe's hyperinflation and the creation of Bitcoin.
  • Funded on "Bitcoin Pizza Day" 2017.
  • Each note includes a custom Qrypto Certificate Of Authenticity.
  • Signed by Artists.
  • Assembled into protective acrylic slab.