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Years of production

Infinitum is currently under heavy scrutiny from within the physical cryptocurrency coin community. The Encyclopedia of Physical Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies states that Infinitum is based out of the British Virgin Islands. However of late, a multitude of reports show they are now likely based out of Dubai, as buyers are sending their coins right back to to Infinitum due to either such poor condition of the coins or the refusal to load the coins as promised and paid for.

There current info give is : TGD LIMITED , Office 205, Building AA1, Mazaya Business Avenue JLT. Dubai -United Arab Emirates.

Infinitum has minted 5 coins in total since their start in 2015. The first, a 2 oz .999 silver Da Vinci coin, was followed by 3 1 oz .999 Silver coins Einstein, Tesla, and Shakespeare. Coins are offered as DIY or Funded. The 5th coin however was released and sold a bit differently. This coin which depicts Sir Isaac Newton, must be purchased loaded with 1000 Infinitum Coins.

At the moment it is known that some are awaiting refunds for the poorly produced coins that have been shipped back, and other having issues with getting their coins funded which had already been paid for. There is a lot of very strange and flat out deceitful behavior going on with this company.

Infinitum states on their "About Us" page: "Founded in 2015 Infinitum had a vision to merge the digital world with the physical world. Our range of physical bitcoins have been collected since their launch in 2015 and have seen generous increases in their resale value". This is a troubling statement. Infinitum is far from selling out of any of their coins, which means there could be no "generous increases in their resale value". Collectors do not buy coins at a premium from a 3rd party when they could simply go directly to the coin maker and buy the coin at cost.


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