Kialara - Silver Series 2018 - Hydra

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Kialara - Silver Series 2018 Hydra Suite front.jpg
Maker Kialara
Material Stainless Steel, Glass, Ruby
Quantity 321

‘Ruby‘ - 21 (serials 01-21)

‘Diamond‘ - 150 (serials 01-150)

Emerald‘ - 150 (serials 01-150)

Size 3″ x 2″ x 0.3″
Denomination 100,000 bits
Funded No

This was the only bar released by Kialara in 2018 and was release in 3 variations.

Included in each bar: One troy ounce of .999 fine silver, loose ruby, diamond or emerald embellishment, stainless steel enclosure with mirror-finish, two large & two small mineral glass crystals and steel retaining rings, public & concealed private bitcoin keys behind newly-sourced, tamper-evident holograms – ready at any time for the secondary market – as requested by many of you.

All stones included are natural, earth-mined & sourced from reputable suppliers in Los Angeles and San Diego’s Diamond Districts.

Emeralds: Columbian, Natural, Round, Faceted, Sized 0.20ct. to 0.23ct. with a diameter between 3.85mm and 4.2mm. Good symmetry with medium color intensity. Stones have already been installed at random.

Diamonds: Natural, Round; excellent cut, Color: G, Size ranging from 0.25ct. SI1’s to 0.27ct. SI1/SI2’s.

Rubies: Natural, Round, Faceted, Color: Red, Color Intensity: Intense, Symmetry: Very good, Transparency: Transparent, Tone: Dark, Sized 0.32ct. to 0.33ct. with a diameter between 3.9mm and 4.1mm.

Screws are installed with loc-tite red and heads are drilled out for added security. Bar measurements 3″ x 2″ x 0.3″ – similar in size to a slabbed coin.

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