Kialara 2015 Original 1BTC Silver

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Kialara 2015 Original 1BTC Silver Front.jpg
Maker Kialara
Material Stainless Steel, Glass, Silver
Quantity 250
Denomination 1 Bitcoin
Funded No

The Kialara 2015 Original 1BTC features a similar design to the Kialara 2014 Original 0.1BTC. The main differences are:

  • The steel mini coin in the center has been replaced with a sterling silver one.
  • The aluminum housing has been replaced with stainless steel. The edges are polished to a mirror finish. The weight is now double the 2014’s weight.
  • The four engraved plates use a higher grade of steel, and also have a mirror finish. ‘One Bitcoin’ is engraved on the front. ‘’ is engraved on the back.
  • The metal retaining ring on the reverse side is better crafted with a higher grade of mirrored steel.
  • The front holograms are new. They read 1 BTC around the circumference.

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