Kryptowerk - Crypto Cosmos 2018

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Maker Kryptowerk
Date October 2018
Material Linen paper 310g
Quantity 256
Size standard poker deck size
Funded no
Denomination NAN
DIY no
  • CRYPTO COSMOS card deck | limited to 256
  • supertrump-like card game referencing the crypto space in late 2018
  • 36 cards in total: 28 cryptocurrency cards, 6 special intervention cards, 1 disclaimer card, 1 game rules card
    • crypto cards: 7 different stats: Scam Factor, Decentralization, Technology, Originality, Price Development, Style, Established Since
    • intervention cards: Hacker Attack, 51% Attack,Whale Attack, Rebranding, Vitalik Buterin, Exit Scam
  • ONE special certificate card: KW stamp + embossed serial number
  • box with 3 layers: colour print, special silver colour, embossing layer