Lealana Hybrid 5 BTC

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Lealana Hybrid 5BTC Front.jpg
Maker Lealana / Casascius
Material Brass w/ Nickel plating
Quantity 1
Diameter 28.5mm
Weight 7.4g
Denomination 5 Bitcoin
Funded Yes

The Lealana Hybrid 5 BTC coin was released on August 06, 2015 and sold at auction on the Bitcointalk Forums.(Archive) The coin is a Hybrid Coin. The coin was minted by Casascius with the keys and hologram created by Lealana. There was only one coin made.

The coin is a Casascius 2012 5BTC Bitnickel with a Lealana gold hologram. It has serial number 100.

The coin is funded with 5 BTC at this address: 1BTCAmZgMYFKSwc3Dc6wPwwkKmnJaxgvkV

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