Ledger - Coinbells Connectable

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Maker Ledger
Quantity 200

This was a special release of the Ledger Nano that came in a sealed can designed to parody the Campbells soup can.


The Coinbell's Connectable is the perfect gift idea if you want to offer someone some bitcoins. The sealed tin can contains an already initialized Ledger Nano hardware wallet, with the public address printed on the can: once you receive the Coinbell's, you can load it with bitcoins by sending it a transaction! As long as the tin can is sealed, there is no way to access its content and the bitcoins are safe.


Inside the box you'll find: a Ledger Nano, a Ledger OTG (to use the Nano on an Android phone), a security card, a set of instructions, the backup seed, the Nano's PIN, a postcard (random), and some other small goodies (see pictures to get an idea). The Nano is already initialized to make it possible to load the tin can directly with bitcoins (QR code with address is available on the exterior). As we have no way to prove that we didn't keep a copy of the seed (we didn't), we do not recommend to load large amount of bitcoins on it, and it's best to wipe the Nano and generate a new seed once the gift is consumed.