NaTTyMiNd 5oz Silver Goddess Eleutheria

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NaTTyMiNd Goddess front 2.jpg
Maker NaTTyMiNd
Material Silver
Quantity 50
Diameter 62mm
Weight 5oz
Denomination N/a
Funded No

The Goddess coin from NaTTyMiNd is one of the biggest coins at 62mm. It is 5oz of 999 Silver. It is a dual currency coin, with bitcoin and litecoin wallets engraved under the tamper evident hologram.

Contributors to making this coin:

  • Michelle Diaz (principle artist)
  • Michael Bearman (graphic design)
  • Luigi (sculptor)
  • Gibson Olpp (die and mint)
  • OGN (vanity addresses)
  • BigTimeSpaghetti (hologram design)
  • Carmen (hologram manufacturer)