Papersafe - Black Marble Satoshi Nickel

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Maker Papersafe
Material Black Marble
Quantity 1
Denomination N/a
Funded No

The newest PaperSafe "Satoshi Nickel Note" is the 3rd Series of PaperSafe Wallets and second of the blockchain mining series. It has a Printed Face Value of 50,000 bits or 1/20th of a bitcoin... This auction is for Note #000214 plus 1 Black Marble engraved "Satoshi Nickel" PaperWeight. The "Satoshi Nickel" Is 5" across and 1" thick polished black marble. It has a matching Bitcoin Public Key as the Satoshi Note #000214 engraved on the front. The PaperSafe "Satoshi Nickel" PaperWeight is the Second engraved marble piece I have produced for sale.


  • 2 Factor secure rub security paper
  • Touch sensitive ink
  • Anti copy/scan micro-printing.
  • Anti cut/paste watermark lines
  • UV micro threads
  • Hologram tamper evident seal
  • Numbered with Black
  • 2 Embossed Seals
  • Encrypted Private bitcoin key
  • Single use Password key scratch off
  • High Res graphics
  • UV embellished Art work ( on Ultra low numbers on 2016 notes)
  • Trustpoint encrypted NFC tag

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