Polymerbit - 10 mETH

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Polymerbit 10 mEth final front.jpg
Maker Polymerbit
Material Polymer
Quantity 100
Weight N/a
Funded No
Denomination 0.1 ETH

Based on the classic 'British' style of sterling notes and featuring poetess Felicia Hermans, offering a nod to our British base of operations. So far, this is the only Ethereum based product we have fully released.

Note comes with a 'custom edition' tamper evident sticker.

Final print: Serial Numbers from A01 000001-A01 000100

Limited to 100 pcs!

Error Notes[edit | edit source]

Like the test note some of these were released with the incorrect text down the left hand side. Approximately half of the final notes contain this error.

Images[edit | edit source]