Polymerbit - Emergency Currency $50

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Polymerbit - Emergency Currency $50 front.jpg
Maker Polymerbit
Material Polymer
Quantity 100
Funded Yes (Polymerbit.com coupon)
Denomination $50

These notes were produced to overcome a frozen asset situtation with our bank. Since early January most of our assets were confiscated and our Bank accounts shut due to our acceptance of Bitcoin on the site. This created delays on orders, and reduced the ability of Polymerbit to innovate and develop new products.

What these notes do is allow for us to fix our cash flow while offering you the ability to have a unique type of giftcard that can be used, traded or gifted to friends and family, and that works on our site until February 2019 to buy upcoming improved notes.

Note comes with a 'Emergency Currency' tamper evident sticker. Contains a code that works once on our site. Thank you for your support!

Serial Numbers starting at A0000001

WARNING: This concept note is not intended for commerce. This note is made of polymer!