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The SHA256art crypto gallery is made for you. Here you can find and buy art inspired by the cryptocurrency hype. The SHA256art art gallery protects the anonymity of the artists and acts as a medium of exchange between artists and buyers. The SHA256art's artists sign their art using a crypto wallet address. Each individual SHA256art's artist always uses the same crypto wallet address as their signature. Crypto wallet addresses provide authenticity to the artist and also offers them anonymity. It is a perfect pseudonym. In addition, you can always tip the artist if you want to.

The buying process takes place on, a trusted auction site where you can bid with bitcoin or litecoin. The starting price of a painting is going to be the same as was the final price of a previously auctioned painting. If an auction for a painting finishes with no bids, the painting is going to be auctioned again and the starting price will be set at the selling price that was achieved two auctions ago. The process continues until an auction is successful and a painting is sold. 

Yes, the art sold by the SHA256art gallery can only be bought with cryptocurrency. Yes, we want your coins.

If you like our art consider hodling it. You can hodl it as an investment that can go to the moon or hodl it just as an object that brings you pleasure or both. Become a crypto art hodler.

For more info and custom projects you can contact us at 

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