Topps - 2018 Allen & Ginter - 83 Cryptocurrency

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Topps - 2018 Allen & Ginter - 83 Cryptocurrency front.jpg

Maker Topps

This is the first cryptocurrency themed card from Topps. There are many different variations on the same basic design, some more rare than others.

Base Cards

  • Base Card
  • X Series Base Card

Mini Cards

  • Mini Base Card
  • Mini Gold Bordered Card
  • Mini Allen & Ginter Logo Back Card
  • Mini Black Bordered Card
  • Mini Glow in the Dark Card
  • Mini No Number Card
  • Mini Brooklyn Logo Back Card

Printing Plates

  • Black Printing Plate
  • Cyan Printing Plate
  • Magenta Printing Plate
  • Yellow Printing Plate

X Series Cards

  • X Series Base Card
  • X Series Mini Base Card
  • X Series Mini Red Card


  • Gold Edition Poster
  • Base Poster

Other Cards

  • Blank Back Card
  • Full Sized Glossy Parallel Card
  • Hot Box Silver Glossy Card
  • Wood Stock Card
  • Glossy Stock Card
  • Over-sized "Box Loader" Card