Cryptolator Unchained Copper Rolls

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Cryptolator Unchained Copper Roll 4 yellow.jpg

Maker Cryptolator
Material N/a
Quantity 4
Diameter N/a
Weight N/a
Denomination N/a
Funded N/a

Cryptolator released 4 rolls of 25 Unchained Copper coins as well as a unique "Roll" coin. The coins in the rolls are Cryptolator Unchained Copper 0.1 BTC with serials between 300-399 (spit sequentially 300-324, 325-349, 350-374, 375-400). They are rolled in a Cryptolator paper and air sealed. Each of them have a different colour paper (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow).

Two of the rolls were sold by auction on the Bitcointalk forums, the other two were sold on ebay.