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Twitter @NastyMining
Years of production 2014-Current

NastyFans is a Fan Club for Bitcoin Enthusiasts established in 2012 by bitointalk user nonnakip.  Purchasing a seat at entitles you to a share of the weekly NastyFans donation distribution.  Donations to NastyFans are regularly made by NastyMining, which is a Bitcoin mining operation that utilizes solar and wind energy.  In addition to mining Bitcoin for donations, NastyMining sells coins made of precious metals and other goods in the NastyShop with proceeds being donated to NastyFans.  The NastyShop also provides shopping cart services to 3rd party vendors in exchange for NastyFans donations.  We welcome Bitcoiners of all skill sets to join us on our mining pool, collect our Minted Seats, sell their products using our shop, or help create fun new services relating to Bitcoin.

NastyFans address list is published here. It is also published on this wiki here.