NastyFans NastyPenny

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PROTOTYPE 2016 Bitcoin NastyPenny.jpg
Material Copper
Quantity 10
Diameter 22.86mm / 0.9 inches
Weight N/a
Funded Yes
Denomination 0.01 BTC

The NastyFans NastyPenny was released on December 10 2016. The coin is a Hybrid Coin using a Bitcoin Penny DIY Prototype with keys and hologram from NastyFans. They keys are engraved with 30-character (vanity) mini-keys secured by Nasty holograms. The coins do not have serial numbers or visible public keys.

The coins were funded with 0.01 BTC from the address 1PenniessZPdE6U4Ze8HsnSPB41RGEvkP5 via this transaction.